Global Cup 2023

USA still tops Global Cup, China, France battle for second place

The USA won the Artistic Gymn. World Ch’ship ahead of China - image by Fabien from Pixabay

Reigning champion the USA narrowly topped the Global Cup’s October ranking (please see the full monthly table below

Germany pips France to Global Cup second place

Germany beat Serbia in the men’s Basketball World Cup final

The race behind Global Cup leader the USA in the year-to-date ranking of the world’s best sporting nations couldn’

Great Britain wins record-breaking month, USA leads Global Cup

Spain won the women’s Football World Cup beating England in the final – pic.: RFEF

Great Britain topped the August monthly table of the Global Cup, the ranking of the world’s best sporting nations, ahead

USA snatches Global Cup lead as Croatia best nation in June

The USA won the 2023 Basketball 3x3 World Cup – pic. by ADMo media from Pixabay

At the end of June, reigning champions the USA claimed the lead – for the first time this year – in the year-to-da

China best nation in May, Norway narrowly holds Global Cup lead

China won the 2023 Table Tennis World Championships – pict. by djimenezhdez from Pixabay

China was the top sporting nation in May, leading the monthly ranking of the Global Cup ahead of

USA top sporting nation in April, ahead of Kenya, Ethiopia

Kenya and Ethiopia dominated the Boston and London marathons – pic.: wal 172619 from Pixabay

April was an unusually lean month in terms of major sporting tournaments this year, with Golf, Ice Hockey and Marathon awarding the most GSN points.

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