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Kenya won the 2024 London and Boston marathons – pic.: val 172619 from Pixabay

Kenya best sporting nation in April

April was a quiet sporting month, with only a handful of major international tournaments tracked by GSN, in Marathon, Golf and Ice Hockey.

The USA won the 2024 Freestyle Skiing World Cup – pic. by ric7 for Pixabay

USA retains Global Cup lead ahead of Italy, China

The USA and Norway battled head to head in...

India was the best nation in Archery in 2023 – pict. by 165106 from Pixabay

24 countries for 75 sports

In 2023, in the quest to find the world’s best sporting nation, GSN tracked the results of the major international tournaments for 75 sports

Norway came third in Handball in 2023 – pic. by Christoffer Borg Mattisson from Pixabay

Norway wins 2023 Per Capita Cup

Norway is once again the world’s sportiest nation, having won the 2023 Per Capita Cup.

Global Cup Progress - 31 May 2024

Per Capita Cup Progress - 31 May 2024

Global Cup Progress - 31 December 2023

Per Capita Cup Progress - 31 December 2023