GSN and Cycling

British Track Cycling success at the 2008 Beijing Olympics

Which Cycling events do we track?  Which are the top races in the world of Cycling? What’s next on the international cycling schedule? Where to go for a truly rewarding cycling experience? Besides these, we explore other great themes in the world of Cycling, such as champions of the past and present, the history of competitive cycling, and how to orient oneself in the confusing world of bike-buying.

GSN covers cycling following the UCI (International Cycling Union) criteria for segmenting the sport:

Road cycling

Track cycling


The main international events include:
  • the legendary Grand Tours, the world’s top for prestige and prize money:
    • Giro d’Italia - Italy
    • Tour de France - France
    • Vuelta a Espana - Spain
  • the International Cycling Union (UCI) continental circuit stage events
  • the UCI men and women one day Road Cycling World Championship events
  • the UCI Track World Championships
  • the UCI Cyclo-cross World cup and World Championships
  • UCI Mountain Bike & Trials World Championships
  • UCI BMX World Championships
  • UCI Indoor Cycling Championships
  • the Olympic Games cycling tournaments for men and ladies