London 2012: How did your country perform vs the 2008 Olympic Games?

Mexico beat Brazil to clinch Olympic gold in London

 We’ve looked into the London 2012 results and compared them with those of the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games.

Some of the most interesting finds are summarised below:

- 115 countries scored GSN points in London, vs 114 in Beijing
- 15 countries that did not score in Beijing earned points in London: the best new entry was Honduras in 51st place, thanks to the men’s Football team reaching the Quarter Finals; the other nations were (ranking position in brackets) Grenada (73rd), Guatemala (75th), Gabon (84th), Saudi Arabia (92nd), Kuwait (94th), Barbados (95th), Mali (97th), Burundi (103rd), San Marino (104th), Central African Republic (107th), Syria (108th), Guinea Bissau (113th), Uruguay (114th), Fiji (115th).
-  The most improved countries in the London top ten were
o   Japan, plus 6 positions
o   Brazil, plus 3 positions
o   Great Britain and South Korea, plus 2 positions
-  The big losers from the London top ten:
o   Australia, minus 5 positions
o   Germany, minus 3 positions
-   The most improved countries, London 11th to 20th position:
o   Mexico, plus 32 positions (!!) thanks to the silver in the Men’s Football but also excellent placements in Diving, Archery and Taekwondo
o   Canada, plus 5 positions
o   Hungary, plus 3 positions
-  The disappointments, London 11th to 20th position:
o   Argentina, minus 4 positions
o   Italy, Kenya, minus 3 positions
o   Spain, minus 2 positions.
But irrespective of how they did in London 2012, all countries can look forward to Rio 2016!!