The 2010 Canoe - Kayak Sprint World Championships

Poznan worlds.jpg

Germany won overall the 2010 Canoe - Kayak Sprint World Championships, by a comfortable margin over Russia, Hungary, Belarus and Poland. The first non - European nation in the ranking was Canada, which finished 11th. The overall Global Cup 2010 leaders, the USA, did not pick up a single GSN point in the event ( 37 other countries did!), a truly surprising piece of news.

The German men snatched victory in their ranking just ahead of surprising Belarus, while the Teutonic ladies came second to the strong Hungarians in the Women category.

Hungary also came first the medals count, with 12 medals (6 golds), one more than Germany (with 5 golds), but as often is the case, it's not just the top three positions that tell the full story.

So check out all the results on GSN's Canoe - Kayak World Sprint Championships 2010 web page.