Global Cup 2015

Japan back in the Global Cup top 10 in 2015

Karne Hesketh of Japan dives over the line to win it vs South Africa

Japan's Global Cup finish went from 7th

Australia clinch top 10-place in Global and Per Capita Cup 2015

Australia celebrates winning the Cricket World Cup 2015

 “Lies, damned lies, and statistics”, as Disraeli would have it? Not when GSN comes to the party.

Sports winners in the Global Cup 2015

The Netherlands, winners of the 2015 Korfball World Championship
There have been twenty three different winning countries for 66 sports awarding GSN points in 2015.

Celebrating national diversity in sport

The London Marathon

The USA are the world’s greatest sporting nation. For the 8th time in eight consecutive GSN years. Russia are once again second behind them in the Global Cup ranking, and all the other major sporting nations are there in the top 10.

Global Cup: USA triumph for 8th time in eight years

USA Ladies win the 2015 Football World Cup

Figurative dust has barely settled over the year’s last major sporting event, and GSN’s algorhythms have already produced the final standings in the <

Global Cup: China and Japan improve, USA unreachable

US Gymnastics World Champion Simone Biles
After their resounding victory in the Artistic Gymnastics World Championships, the USA have sealed, if there ever was any doubt, the 2015 Glo
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