Global Cup 2011

China's sporting success in 2011

Deng Wei, 17 years old, from China
Four years after the second place overall (according to GSN) at the Beijing Olympics, with no less than 100 medals, China is still up there with the best sporting countries of the planet.

Russia: Global Cup 2011 facts

Russia and the USA are the two greatest nations in sport. The Americans have won the Global Cup, GSN’s overall international ranking, for four years in succession from 2008 to 2011. But Russia has always been there right behind them, in second place from 2008 to 2011.

GSN vs medals tables

Team GBR lifts gold in Beijing 2008

The mystique of “gold, silver and bronze” has always been the signature way of ranking sport competitions.

Golf Global Cup 2011: Oriental Tigers in pursuit of the Masters

K. Bradley (USA) wins the PGA Grand Slam at Southampton, Bermuda
That Golf is one of the world’s elite sports is confirmed by some of the facts of the 2011 Golf Global Cup.

How good at sports is your country?

Chicherova of Russia

Whether it's the USA or Saint Kitts and Nevis, from Albania to Zimbabwe, we have it mapped in the world of sports.

Global Cup 2011: 25 different winners for over 80 sports

world flags.gif
This is the Global Cup 2011! 60 sports (if you count Athletics as one sport; 80 if you treat each Athletics discipline as one) and over 980 events in twelve months.
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