Triple Jump

Global Cup - Triple Jump

Per Capita Cup - Triple Jump

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Triple Jump equipment

The triple jump shoe is a cross between a sprinting shoe and a jumping shoe. It needs to combine a sprinting shoe traction power and stability with a sole that reduces the...

Inessa Kravets of the Ukraine

Triple Jump champions and records

The triple jump world record in men is a long-standing one, having been set in Gothenburg (Sweden) in 1995 by the Briton Jonathan Edwards....

Jonathan Edwards of Great Britain

Triple Jump: the sport

The triple jump is a field sport, similar to the long jump, but involving a “hop, step and jump” routine, whereby the athlete runs down the track...

F. Mbango Etoné of Cameroon

Triple Jump technique

To maximise his/her result, the triple jumper requires maximum approach speed, with which kinetic energy is produced.