World Track Cycling Championships 2010

Simona Krupeckaite of Lithuania
Australia over Great Britain by 22 points…that’s how close it was in Ballerup, Denmark, at the end of the World Track Cycling Championships.
The Aussies topped the GSN ranking by winning 3 golds out of 10 events in the Mens and 3 out of 9 in the Ladies. They were also consistent in scoring points in virtually all events, including 2 more silvers and bronze medals.
Great Britain’s Chris Hoy (Keirin), Ed Clancy (Omnium) and Vicky Pendleton (Sprint) all clinched gold but it just wasn’t enough to beat the Roos.
France (2 golds, including the Men’s Sprint with Grégory Baugé), Germany (1 gold) and the Netherlands (1 gold) followed Australia and GBR in the ranking.
They were followed by 2 relative surprises: New Zealand and Lithuania, the latter led by the sensational Simona Krupeckaite, with a tally of 1 gold, 1 silver and 2 bronze medals all to her credit!
The Kiwis and Krupeckaite managed to keep back two power houses such as the USA and China, proving that the sport is indeed intercontinental, as the fact that diverse countries such as Colombia, Malaysia, Azerbaijan and Argentina scored points in the 2010 edition of the World Track Cycling Championships.