RUGBY WORLD CUP on-the-go predictions

England vs Argentina
The pool phase at the 2011 Rugby World Cup is well under way, with most pools about to disclose the blessed eight XVs that will make it to the quarter finals.
The questions at the start of the Rugby World Cup were several, along with the opportunity of clinching the Rugby Global Cup 2011 as well as the Webb Ellis Trophy.
Will Great Britain, as the aggregate of England, Scotland and Wales, confirm its Global Cup leadership over the other Europeans and the Southern Nations?
Will the Kiwis and the Aussies survive tough pool fixtures and sail into the quarter finals?
As  of now, right in the midst of the pools phase, our predictions on the quarter finalists are as follows:
Pool A: Kiwis and France through, no problem
Pool B: England and Scotland look comfortable, but the Scots are yet to play third-placed Argentina
Pool C: Ireland leads, Australia and Italy are level on points but we don’t see the Aussies missing out on this one
Pool D: Very tricky: the Springboks look comfortable, but the second spot is wide open with Samoa, Wales and Fiji all in contention.
Battleship Great Britain could place 3 teams in the quarter finals, and almost guarantee rugby dominance, but it could just as easily be only 1 team….and the Southern Nations will be poised for the kill.