How well does GBR perform in sports?

Using our unique Performance Indicator, or MPI*, we have been able to draw a remarkable picture of British excellence in sports.

We have charted GBR's progress in 2009 and 2010, taking into account only those sports that ranked in the top 20 of British sports (based on GSN weighted points), and adding up their MPI for 2009 and 2010.

Here's the ranking:

1. Rugby MPI 13.036,5

2. Rowing  5.275,1

3. Snooker  4.408,6

4. Golf   4.119,1

5. Cricket  3.727,8

6. Mountain Bike 343,1

7. Triathlon  292

8. Canoe/Kayak sprint  261,4

9. Road Cycling   106,4

10. Artistic Gymnastics  89

11. Tennis  46,7

 There are certainly a few surprises: good perfomance in typical home sports, eg the first five, but a surprising lack of success, apart from a few brilliant individual performances, in internationally popular sports as Volleyball, Basketball, Football and Athletics.

* ((weighted pts * % of w.p.)/placement in the relevant sport)