Fencing World Championships 2009: facts and figures

Matteo Tagliariol of Italy

20 nations scored GSN points in the Antalya (Turkey) Fencing World Championships in October. Here's the full list in overall ranking order:

1 Italy
2 Russia
3 Germany
4 France
5 China
6 Romania
7 Ukraine
8 Hungary
9 Poland
10 United States
11 South Korea
12 Canada
13 Spain
14 Netherlands
15 Switzerland
16 Portugal
17 Japan
18 Great Britain
19 Cuba
20 Belarus

Italy topped the chart by winning the mens ranking ahead of Germany and Russia, thanks to individual and team golds in Foil, and silvers in individual Epée and team Sabre.

The Italians came second behind Russia in the women, where the Russians took individual titles in the Foil and Epée, as well as a silver in team Foil.