Chicharito Hernandez of Mexico
MEXICO 200 pts, USA 160 pts, HONDURAS 110 pts, PANAMA 110 pts
June 2011 has seen the USA host a major FIFA football competition, for the first time after the World Cup 1994.
The Concacaf Gold Cup is the Central and North America premier national team competition, and has been a major event, with matches played in 13 different cities, as far apart as Pasadena (California) and Miami (Florida).
In a tight competition with a high number of goals scored (on average 3,2 per game) and a convincing number of spectators (on average 43.800 per game, what many clubs in major European leagues would dream to have) the title has gone to Mexico, who defeated  the USA 4-2 in the final in Pasadena, the same venue (the Rose Bowl) of the 1994 World Cup Final.
Mexico, whose centre forward “Chicharito” Hernandez (of Man Yoo fame) grabbed both the top goal-scorer and Tournament MVP titles, win 200 GSN weighted points, enough to  propel them to second place in the monthly Global Cup standings (behind…the USA).
Semi finalists Honduras and Panama also score 100-plus points and end the month in 4th and 5th position, while in the Global Cup overall they rank 38th (Panama) and 42nd (Honduras).