Global Cup 2009

Who'll Win the Winter Olympics? What the Medal Tables Won't Tell You

Olympic medal tables attract huge attention from the media, the public and the sporting authorities and yet, as measures of sporting achievement, they’re flawed in a number of crucial areas.

Global Cup 2009, the Top 3: USA, Russia, Germany

An in-depth look at each of the 3 giants’ statistics yields some interesting insights on how their position of excellence has been achieved.

Global Cup 2009: Big Jumps and Consistency

art gyms russia.jpg
Among the top 20 nations there are quite a few who’ve made big leaps up the table compared to 2008, and only one (Brazil, - 8 positions) who’s dropped considerably.

USA vs Russia: battle of the Ladies

Lyndsay Vonn of the USA
The girls in stars and stripes secured victory during a fantastic month of November, in which the Williams sisters dominated the Sony Ericsson Tennis Championships, Team USA came second in the Te

2009 Global Cup: final results

USA team at the Ryder Cup
As the curtain falls on the last major international competition of the year, for the record the Handball Women World Championship, we at Greatest Sporting Nation are proud to unveil the overall Global Cup 2009 results, measuring the sporting performance of all the nations in the world.

November Global Cup: the Dragon's on the up

Li Hongli of China

While the top three positions remain unchanged (the USA, Russia and Germany), November saw a strong effort by China, climbing threateningly up a place into fourth.

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