2009 Global Cup: final results

USA team at the Ryder Cup
As the curtain falls on the last major international competition of the year, for the record the Handball Women World Championship, we at Greatest Sporting Nation are proud to unveil the overall Global Cup 2009 results, measuring the sporting performance of all the nations in the world.
It’s been a busy year with outstanding events such as the World Athletics, Gymnastics and Aquatics Championships, and 124 nations have scored GSN points with their athletes’ placements.
The overall Global Cup title goes for the second year running to the United States of America, who beat Russia and Germany to second and third place. Competition among the top ten has been fierce: the USA snatched first place by a much thinner margin (1.353 weighted pts vs 3.109 w. pts in 2008) than last year, in fact they dominated the Men’s table but won the Ladies by a mere 43 w. pts over the gritty Russians. Germany traded places with China, gaining the third berth with a whopping 22% w. points increase over 2008. The Germans were a powerhouse in the water, winning the Water Sports Global Cup (swimming, rowing and canoe their best sports), and scoring points in many other sports.
France and Canada rose in ranking, the latter the only new entry among the top ten, up 5 places in 7th.
Great Britain, Italy, Australia and Spain all lost places though managed to retain top ten status.