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John McEnroe of the USA
Featuring John McEnroe and R. Federer
We perused through the impressive database of the International Tennis Federation to pick some quirky data about two all-time greats.
J. McEnroe: the American was a brilliantly gifted left-hander, a gritty competitor with a mouth and an attitude to match. His singles titles-winning career at top level spans the years 1978 to 1991, reaching its peak between 1981 and 1985, when he won 5 Grand Slam titles plus the Masters. In 1.079 career singles games at Tour level (main draw only) he notched up an astonishing 81,6% of wins, matching it with a brilliant doubles record: 83,9% of wins out of 644 career games.
R. Federer: the Swiss ace, at the relatively young age of 30 (born 8/8/1981) is arguably the all-time greatest player, having surpassed Pete Sampras' record of 14 Grand Slam titles: he reached 15 with the 2010 Australian open singles title. 
Since 2001, he won 63 major singles titles, with a career winning percentage (singles matches, main draw only) of 80,6% in 1051 games.
Is Federer slipping some? He's currently n° 3 in the ATP singles ranking...the first time since 2003 that he' out of the top 2!!
With his current rivals Novak Djokovic of Serbia and Rafael Nadal of Spain, Federer's record is:
vs Djokovic in 2011: 4 losses and one win, string LWL
vs. Nadal in 2011: 3 losses and one win, string WLL.
In many ways, 2012 will be a crucial year for Roger F's career: will he bring his game to the nth level?