Global Cup 2018

Can Croatia challenge Norway for the 2018 Per Capita Cup?

Croatia celebrates scoring a goal at the Russia 2018 Football World Cup

The question may surprise readers looking at the current Per Capita Cup ranking, the ranking of the world’s sportiest nations.

Can France Win 2018 Global Cup?

France and the USA drew 1-1 in a pre-Football World Cup friendly match last June
Two thirds of the 2018 sporting year are now behind us, and the USA is firmly entrenched at the top of the Global Cup, th

Germany tops August monthly ranking ahead of Spain, Russia

Yul Oeltze and Peter Kretschmer (Germany) successfully defended their C2 1000 world title in Portugal

Germany was the world’s best sporting nation in August 2018, topping the monthly Global Cup ranking ahead of

France, GBR, Russia major movers in July - Croatia for Per Capita Cup?

Croatia celebrates Ivan Perisic’s temporary equaliser in the Football World Cup Final 2018

The sporting month of July brought big changes across the top 30 places of the Global Cup, the ranking of the world’s best sporting nations.

France Wins Month of July After Football World Cup Triumph

France celebrates Football World Cup victory at Russia 2018

France won the July monthly ranking in the Global Cup, topping the table of the world’s best sporting nations thanks chiefly

USA extends Global Cup lead at end of June, China into top ten

Brooks Koepka (USA) with the US Golf Open trophy, the first pro to win back-to-back US Open titles in 29 years

The reigning Global Cup champion, the USA, extended its lead at the top of the year-to-date ranking of the world’s be

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