USA and Slovenia are the top nations in sports 2013

The USA's Biles (gold) and Ross (silver) at the Art. Gymnastics Worlds 2013
The USA and Slovenia have topped the 2013 standings in GSN’s two main rankings, the Global Cup and the Per Capita Cup respectively.
The USA have beaten every other nation on Earth for the sixth year in succession while it has been a first for Slovenia in the Per Capita Cup, which measures the country with the sportiest population, in terms of how many inhabitants it takes to earn one GSN point (only 3067 Slovenians needed).
The USA’s Global Cup victory has been less emphatic than in the past, and Russia have given the Stars & Stripes a good run for their money. The US’s winning margin was ‘only’ 1448 points (compared to 3138 last year).  Though they won in both genders, the margin was as narrow as 589 points in the Men’s ranking, and a slightly comfier 821 points in the Ladies’.
Yet Russia lead the table in terms of sports won (7), ahead of the USA, China and Germany with 5. Quite a come-down for Team America, which had won outright 10 (!) sports in 2012.
The key to the USA’s Global Cup victory is as usual versatility: they were ranked in the top three in 19 sports, ahead of Russia (17) and Germany (14) and have scored points in 54 (!) different sports, up from 49 last year.
Germany have re-gained their place as third sporting power in the world, ahead of China, by winning outright 5 sports: Bobsleigh, Luge, Rowing, Track Cycling and Open Water Swimming and scoring points in 44 different sports.
Despite China’s relatively disappointing performance, Asia placed three nations in the top 11 (Japan was ousted from 10th place by a late rally by Australia) and scored 15.0% of the total points, one of the best performances in recent years. Notably, South Korea was 9th overall and won 4 sports (Archery, Short Track, Taekwondo and…Ten Pin Bowling).
While last year’s Per Capita winners, New Zealand, relied on strength in depth, earning points in as many as 21 different sports, Slovenia have capitalised on a very strong Winter Sports performance. They were 15th overall in Winter Sports (vs  31st place overall in the Global Cup) scoring 47.8% of their total points on the snow and ice. Their Winter ladies did particularly well, finishing 8th overall in the gender ranking, and altogether the plucky Slovenians earned points in 18 different sports. Behind them in the overall Per Capita ranking, past winners Norway and New Zealand.
Finally an honourable mention for some “small” sporting countries who nevertheless excelled in 2013 by winning outright at least one sport: Austria (3 wins – Alpine Skiing, Ski Jumping and Snowboarding), Kenya (wins in Marathon and Cross Country Running), the Dominican Republic (Baseball), the Czech Republic (Canoe/Kayak Slalom), Hungary (Canoe/Kayak Sprint), Kazakhstan (Boxing), Belgium (Cyclo-cross).

Congratulations to all, and off with a new sporting year next week.