Swimming 2011: Pool Crazy!

Federica Pellegrini of Italy
Here are some quirky numbers from the World Swimming Championships 2011:
  • The Swimming Top Three in 2011 (USA, Australia, China) scooped up 42,0% of the points, as opposed to 33,3% of 2009 (the top three were USA, Australia, Germany)
  • Canada was 11th in the Swimming overall table, and curiously was 11th both in the Men and Women rankings
  • Best new entry in Swimming was South Korea in 17th place with 51 points. Second were the Faroe Islands, 22nd overall with 27 points, and third was New Zealand, in 26th place, with 18 points
  • One day wonders: Chile (28th overall, 15 ppc) was the best of the one-count countries in Swimming, followed by Lithuania and Serbia
  • The Men: a clear victory by the USA with 516 points (22,4%), second-place France sputtering behind with 228 pts, followed by China, Japan and, somewhat disappointingly, Australia.
  • Freestyle (Men): no surprises as the USA lead the ranking with 162 points…but something of an upset behind them, with Australia only 5th with 72 points, preceded by France (123 points), China (102) and Canada (84)
  • Breast stroke (Men): the only style the USA did not win! Italy topped the ranking with 48 points, closely followed by Norway (42), then Japan and Hungary (39 points both). For the record, the USA finished 7th.
  • As for the other styles: the USA won Butterfly, Back stroke and, in spectacular fashion, Medley. In the latter they scooped up 138 points while second-placed Japan got as many as 36…Runners up (or first of the others) were Australia , in Butterfly, and France in Back stroke.
  • The Ladies: the USA won overall over Australia, winning four out of five styles too: the odd one out was Butterfly, won by China over Sweden and Australia.