Norway boost lead in ranking of world’s sportiest nations

The top finishers at the Men's World Road Cycling Championships 2017
Norway continues to lead the Per Capita Cup after a productive September in which they scored 28 points at the Road Cycling World Championships (held on home soil in Bergen) and 12 points at the Triathlon World Championships.
It currently takes only 3704 Norwegians to score one GSN point, giving the plucky Scandinavians a healthy lead over second-placed Slovenia (5051 Slovenians needed to score one GSN point) and third-placed Switzerland (7131 Swiss needed to score one GSN point).
New Zealand (up one place), Jamaica (down one), Sweden, Hungary (up one), Austria (down one), Finland and Serbia (up one) round out the Top Ten.
Outside the Top Ten, notable movers included Georgia, up 5 places to 12th (after coming 4th at the Judo World Championships); Cuba, up 11 places to 22nd (after winning the Amateur Boxing World Championships); Azerbaijan, up 5 places to 23rd (after finishing 6th at the Judo World Championships); and Kazakhstan, up 6 places to 32nd (after coming second at the Amateur Boxing World Championships).
The Per Capita Cup is the annual per capita ranking of the world’s best sporting nations based on results from 176 different tournaments across 83 different sports.