London 2012 Day 7: USA leading, Russia climbing steadily

Natalya Zabolotnaya, a gentle lady from Russia
Day 7 was another day of passion and drama at the London 2012 Olympic Games.
Michael Phelps won his twentieth career Olympic medal striking gold in the Men 100m Butterfly, and helped the USA stay ahead of the competition in GSN’s Olympic ranking. True to form, the Americans began their Athletics campaign in style too, with solid placements in the Shot Put Men.
The battle behind them is red hot: China did not miss a beat and keeps its second place in the ranking, the first of three Oriental nations in the top five! Japan and South Korea are in fact fourth and fifth but the news is that the Russian Bear is clawing its way to the top.
The Russian Federation now sits in third place after a shower of silver medals (Judo Men > 100kg, Weightlifting both Men and Women, 200m backstroke Men and 100m Butterfly women) plus assorted placements. And the Athletics program has justabout started.
There are signs of life from the rest of Europe too: Great Britain’s Track Cycling prowess has powered them to 8th place behind Germany, though the first of the Europeans (Russia aside) is still France in 6th place.

No news of the African nations yet: Ethiopia is 25th, and Kenya only 29th. In the next few days, as the Athletics program hits Track and Field, we can expect to see them rising, alongside a small Caribbean nation called Jamaica....