Golf Numbers

Colin Montgomerie of England
 You can trust GSN to dig up some interesting stats from the world of golfing competitions. Here’s a selection to whet the appetite:
How do countries rank in the field of all-time major championships wins (for men)?
  1. USA, 255 wins
  2. Scotland, 56 wins
  3. England, 28 wins
  4. South Africa 19 wins
  5. Australia, 15 wins
  6. Jersey, 9 wins
  7. Spain, 7 wins
  8. Fiji, Ireland and Zimbabwe, 3 wins each
We also checked the ranking by dividing it into two time spans which, the US dominance notwithstanding, yield interesting differences in the rest of the field.
a)     up to 1950
a.     USA, 97 wins
b.     Scotland, 53 wins (quite close to the top)
c.     England, 21 wins
d.     Jersey, 9 wins (never heard of since)
e.     Australia, 1 win
b)     from 1945 to 2008
a.     USA, 158 wins
b.     South Africa, 19 wins
c.     Australia, 14 wins
d.     England and Spain, 7 wins each
e.     Scotland, Ireland, Zimbabwe, Fiji, 3 wins each