D. Thompson's Run the World Challenge - 2. Greece

I’d been planning this – my second trial run – for 12 months. The previous year we’d holidayed in Greece and I’d discovered this lovely cliff top walk through a pine forest and with a view over the sea to Mount Olympus.

We went back to the same place this year and I couldn’t think of a better route for my Greek 10 km run.

I thought at least one of Liz, Rima, Julian, Darren and Stacey would join me for the run but they all opted to stay by the pool. Never mind – I had a great run to look forward to.
Except there was a lot more up and down than I remembered. And the track was narrow and windy. And very muddy from the morning’s thunder storm.
In truth, there were places where there wasn’t really a track at all.
None of this matters when you’re walking but it’s not great for running. Eventually I had to turn back and complete my 10 km by running round the resort in circles. Which was a lot hotter and tougher than I expected as, unlike the forest track, this involved running on tarmac in the open sun (to give you an idea of how hot it was, it was one of those times when you step out of the shower – and immediately start sweating again).
Eventually, after a painfully slow 1 hr 8' 18'', my borrowed watch (thank you Julian) told me I’d covered 10 km.
And what about Mt Olympus and Zeus, Hermes, Poseidon, Aphrodite et al who, legend has it, live there? In reality, it was so hazy that I’m not sure I could actually see Mt Olympus – but I guess I’ve got the Gods to thank for the fact that no one joined me on the run. And they taught me a valuable, if obvious, lesson – plan your route carefully!
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