Battle of the Sexes

Wang Lin of China
GSN’s 2010 Global Cup rankings of Men and Women at the end of September show some interesting differences.
 While the USA are, not surprisingly, the most consistent nation across genders, ranking first in Men and second in Women, here’s the top ten by gender, and some comments on the differences:
  1. USA
  2. Russia
  3. Germany
  4. Spain
  5. Canada
  6. Great Britain
  7. Netherlands
  8. Switzerland
  9. France
  10. Australia
7 countries are European (including Russia) and no Asiatic country is represented; the first down the ranking is South Korea (12th), while mighty China is only 14th.
  1. China
  2. USA
  3. Germany
  4. Canada
  5. Russia
  6. Japan
  7. South Korea
  8. Australia
  9. Austria
  10. Italy
Only 4 European nations are represented (including Russia), while three Asiatic tigers lurk among the top 7, with China narrowly in the lead over the USA.
Full marks to Euro male athletes, and beware of the Oriental tigresses!