D. Thompson's Run the World Challenge - 3. Germany

Phil and Dee moved to Berlin a few years ago, fell in love with the place and we’re now heading out there to celebrate Dee’s birthday. What better place for my third and final trial run?

D. Thompson's Run the World Challenge - 2. Greece

I’d been planning this – my second trial run – for 12 months. The previous year we’d holidayed in Greece and I’d discovered this lovely cliff top walk through a pine forest and with a view over the sea to Mount Olympus.

D. Thompson's Run the World Challenge - 1. Norway

If I'm really going to do this, then I guess it’s not a bad place to start.
Kollentrollet - a 6.7m statue of a troll – is behind me and the magnificent Holmenkollen ski jump in front of me.

Dan Thompson's RUN THE WORLD Challenge - Introduction

It started, as these things so often do, with a drunken night out. More specifically we were out for dinner with Jon and Jane and the conversation turned to our previous challenge (doing every different Olympic and Paralympic event) and what we should do next.

The IOC decision on new Olympic Sports (February 2013)

The executive committee of the International Olympic Committee (IOC) met on Feb 12

Greatest Sporting Nation and me

I'm Nic Mira and I'm mad about sports. This is the primary reason why I've joined Dan Thompson and Hans Stocker on board the GSN rocket...for a rocket I'm sure it is, ready to propel the world of sports analysis to the next level.

The second and the third reasons are that I love sport statistics and that I think sport is an inherently virtuous activity: anything that promotes its better understanding, or its circulation as a subject of discussion, is a worthy endeavour.

To give you an example of what I think about when I'm not doing sports or working on GSN....

I've recently looked at the current Global Cup ranking: the USA are leading with a large margin, as was predictable after their handsome victory in the 2008 Global Cup.

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